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My Fitness Plan and Restaurant Reviews

Happy Monday!  It’s my last full week of freedom before school starts again.  It’s a shame that I had the flu and was sick all week (note to self – remember to get the flu shot this year…even if it’s … Continue reading

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Sweet Potatoes, Peaches, and Yoga – October Randomness

Ok.  So I know it’s October, and you guys are probably busy stuffing your bellies with pumpkin and sweet potatoes.  I am with you!  How delightfully yummy have the sweet potatoes been lately?  I consume them all throughout the year, … Continue reading

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August is here.  We all know that summer can be quite brutal.  Multiple showers in a day, the ever so sexy armpit sweat marks, loss of appetite, and my quickly diminishing patience and understanding makes me lovely company during this … Continue reading

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WIAW #2 Eats from the Big Apple!

I’m finally back from spending some wonderful quality time with beautiful people and savoring scrumptious foods that had my tastebuds doing the cha cha in the city that never sleeps! I’ll fill you guys in on all the fun and … Continue reading

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Oh, How I’ve Missed You!

This is my first WIAW!  I stopped keeping track of everything that I eat for awhile now due to the fear that I’ll fall back into counting and cutting down calories.  However, I think it’s necessary now to evaluate my … Continue reading

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In need of some fitness advice

I apologize beforehand, as this post is really wordy, but I really wanted to ask you guys for some much needed advice!  Before I get to the real question, I feel some personal information about myself is necessary. If there’s … Continue reading

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It’s Friday!!

It is definitely summer here in Austin! It’s 91 degrees outside right now, and this is just the beginning 😦 For my workout of the day, I decided to check out the “Fitness Pilates” class offered at Lifetime Fitness.  I … Continue reading

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