My boys

Tim the husband

Our history goes way back in time.  I can give you a very elaborate, dramatic recap, but for your sake I shall resort to the edited version.  Our fathers attended the same University in Korea. Not at the same time though as Tim’s father is  ten years older than my dad.  Our fathers met for the first time at a college reunion held every year in Houston.  Tim’s sister was my first English tutor.  So you see, Tim and I have known each other since our childhood.  He, to my horror, still recollects my awkward, skinny, acne ridden self! Ahh!

As Tim is five years older than me, he just thought of me as a little girl.  Then fast forward to year 2006.  Our families had thanksgiving dinner together, and we saw each other for the first time in years.  Tim felt as though time was moving in slow motion (his exact words not mine! I promise).  He thought to himself “this is not the girl that I remember!”  Well as you might have guessed, he pursued after me (I tried to play hard to get but failed miserably).  And the rest is history.

We got married on March 3, 2007!  We are not perfect by any means and have faced our share of ups and downs.  But we make it work the best we know how.  I am blessed to be with such a Godly man.  He’s the most genuine, patient, kind, faithful, grounded, did I mention patient? man I know.  He has seen the ugliest, the lowliest side of me, and yet still loves me just as I am.  What a man!

Kona– the king of the house

He, a Miniature Schnauzer, controls us with his deer like, innocent, brilliant eyes.  We try to discipline him and let him know who’s the boss, but one look at him.. and we are a goner.  He owns this house.  His bed is seriously placed in every room so that he always has a place to roll up into a ball.  More often than not, we actually call him “the Kones buddy.”  His walrus mustaches and beards and his bushy eyebrows always makes us laugh.   His face is very inquisitive and expressive.  Therefore we always know (or think that we do) what he’s thinking or feeling.  He gives new meaning to the idea of a smart dog.  He is extremely clever and easily outwits and manipulates us.  His specialty is throwing his paws around our neck.  And that never gets old! Can you tell he has us wrapped around his lil paws?

Well there you have it! We are the Kwons! =)

9 Responses to My boys

  1. Ellie says:

    Oh my gosh your love story is soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! haha, almost like a fun k-drama. 😛

  2. I want that sweater for my dog! (The UT one of course!) So cute!

  3. Love that picture of you and Tim making a heart! So sweet!

  4. balancejoyanddelicias says:

    lovely story with your hubby! 🙂

  5. Hello Min!
    What a happy joyful blog you have! following you now! And..I’m so glad you found such a godly man to be with and live life! Very happy for you!

    take care!

  6. bellenoona says:

    Hi Min, you and Tim are a perfect couple. Your picture together reminds me of Jihoo and Jandi (Boys over Flowers) ^_^

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