My food philosophy

So what is my food philosophy?

You might have guessed it.  Savor the Rainbow!  Color is a very good thing, my friends!  I try to eat as much vibrant food as I possibly can that just screams out “FRESH!”  And no, orange food coloring from cheetos and m&ms don’t count. I try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible.  Now this doesn’t mean that I won’t indulge in a bowl (or two) of Cheez-Its or Chex Mix when they call out to me.

While I do not consider any food “bad”, I do take eating in moderation and taking each bite mindfully very seriously.  I don’t limit any food groups.  Instead I focus on consuming a well-balanced diet.

I am, however, particular about the food source.  I purchase my meat from a reputable local farm so that I can cherish each bite knowing that the animals were treated humanely and that they are hormone and antibiotic free.

I am a huge supporter of local farmer’s markets.  And I consider myself very fortunate that I live just about 10 minutes away from one that opens every Saturday!  Love Love Love!  I guess I can be considered a Locavore =)

In this blog you will find recipes that my family really loves to eat.   Hopefully they will inspire you to savor the rainbow!  Happy eating!  And let’s toast to health!

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