Lunch Date at épicerie

So I have exciting news to share with you.  I’m not sure how you’ll feel about this, but Savor the Rainbow will have a new contributor starting today!  Who might it be, you ask?  If you’ve been following me, I’m sure you’ve already met this guy, Tim, my better half.

sorry hun..just had to use this picture ;)

sorry hun..just had to use this picture 😉

When he started his burger bucket list, he named himself the burgervore and captured his fond and meaty memories in his own blog (I may have nudged him a bit ;)).  In the process, he, too, got the blogging bug and enjoyed connecting with others who share the same passion as he.  Although he says he says he’s not good at it, I think he’s a tremendous writer (I’m afraid that he’ll outdo me…actually, I know he will).  Perhaps he’s just being modest.  Well, fast forward over 30 burgers scratched off his list and a wifey who’s begging to try other highly acclaimed non-burger places the city has to offer, he’s decided to give me a break and thus is at a loss for content for his blog.  So naturally I suggested, “hey how about you be the restaurant critic on my page?”  To which he happily (or so I say) obliged.   I’m so excited for this collaboration.  Teamwork, baby!  We go out to eat only once a week, so we are on a mission to try a different restaurant every time.  Please join us as we continue our foodie adventure!  So without further ado, take it away, babe!


Tremendous writer??  Better half??  Hmm…I don’t about all that, but I do appreciate the kind words :).  And yes.  I’m the one who’s been dragging my healthy-living, nutrition-studying wife to all these burger joints over the past 6 months.  Now as much as I enjoy a good burger, I have a hearty appreciation for food in general.  About 4 years ago, my gluttonous ways had gotten me to a bad spot.  I was about 20 pounds overweight, and my cholesterol was so bad that my doctor was threatening to put me on a cholesterol-lowering agent…at the age of 30.  Sad, I know.  Thanks to the loving wife, though, in the course of a year, that all changed.  She helped me experience the life-changing power of food.  Sorry to get all infomercial on you, but it’s true!  Four years later the weight is still off, and my doctor praises the work my wife has done.

I’ll admit it – I’m spoiled.  The wife prepares healthful meals for me all throughout the week, making me quite the envy of my coworkers.  They’re always asking if I can get her to prepare meals for them as well.  As was mentioned earlier, we only go out to eat once a week.  Our schedules are such that we’re like ships passing in the night so it’s a really special time for us to reconnect and enjoy the company of one another.  I don’t have any culinary background, aside from being my mom’s official taste tester growing up, so you’ll have to forgive me if my observations are pedestrian.  I’m just your average guy with an above average passion for all things yummy food.

PicMonkey Collage

This past weekend, we headed out to the recently opened épicerie Cafe & Grocery.  As we walked in the door, I instantly felt like I had been transported to the Hamptons and that at any moment I would see Ina Garten walk in to buy some cheese or maybe some charcuterie.  The wife’s big on atmosphere when eating out, so I knew this would be right up her alley.  And the fact that chef/owner Sarah McIntosh trained under renowned chef Thomas Keller didn’t hurt either.

PicMonkey Collage1

We perused the shelves of specialty grocery items and wines, but only briefly as we were both ready to bury our faces in some food.  The menu was filled with a variety of salads, sandwiches, and plates all under $15.  I have a pretty good feeling this is going to be a constantly evolving menu, utilizing in-season produce and fresh, local ingredients.

PicMonkey Collage2The wife ordered the quinoa salad with grapefruit, fennel, pistachio, and yogurt dressing on the side.  Being the fan of quinoa that I am (I’ve not always been), I just had to steal a couple of bites.  It was a perfect spring salad with the vibrant grapefruit and the distinct licorice flavor of the sliced fennel.  The yogurt dressing added to the freshness and rounded out the salad.

PicMonkey Collage3

My meal selection was a little more difficult as my eyes were instantly drawn to the cheeseburger with Vermont cheddar.  But with a desire to mix things up a bit, I ordered the roast chicken leg quarter with grilled brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, and crispy shallots.  Let me just start by saying, I have never eaten two pieces of chicken so beautifully butchered in all my life.  It was all so…pretty.  The potatoes were wonderfully creamy and the shallots contributed a nice crunch to each bite.  There was also some sort of acid or vinegar reduction that was drizzled on the dish that helped cut through richness  of the meat and potatoes.  Now back to the chicken…although we had to wait quite some time for the plate to come out, it was well worth it.  The leg and thigh were cooked to perfection.  The skin was golden brown and nicely peppered, and the meat was succulent.  I don’t know if this is possible, but the meat tasted clean and sinfully decadent at the same time.

Even though the portions were on the small side, the meal was still incredibly satisfying.  And did I mention they serve beignets ALL DAY?!  I’ll definitely be sinking my teeth into one of those fried pillows of goodness next time we’re there.  So if there was any question.  Yes.  We will be back.  The high quality of their ingredients and the skillful precision with which their dishes are executed are sure to keep patrons returning again and again.  And seriously…beignets?  All day??  Gotta love it.


So I hope you enjoyed reading about our wonderful dining experience.  You can look forward to this new weekly feature, and since it’s def marvelous in our book, we thought it’d be perfect for Katie’s, MIMM link-up.  Until next time…

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10 Responses to Lunch Date at épicerie

  1. You guys are so adorable with your dates, I love you two!

  2. Hello Tim & Min!
    you guys make such a wonderful & cute couple! And I really liked the way you write Tim! I feel like I know you and Min personally! even though we’re only still virtual friends!

    Happy monday & have a great short work week!!


  3. how fun is that. I loved idea of quinoa salad there 🙂 excited for more posts from you guys. Have a marvelous week

  4. You two are way too cute!!! 🙂

  5. Tim, hello!!!!! So awesome you took over the blog today and hope to see you around more! Min is such a beautiful person and I was so lucky to meet her last year at HLS! She told me how wonderful you are and you two are just amazing together!

    I want to come eat with you guys, you are always going somewhere good!

    Happy Monday and thanks for joining in Min and Tim! ❤

  6. Yay, welcome Tim!! That restaurant looks so pretty from the outside….I love the green and orange. Wouldn’t that be amazing if Ina Garten walked in there? I would be freaking out 🙂

    Your chicken looked delicious! That’s interesting that the chef trained under Thomas Keller. The best roast chicken I ever had was at Thomas Keller’s restaurant Bouchon, in Las Vegas! I was kind of hesitant about ordering the chicken, because it seemed like kind of a boring choice, but it was seriously the most flavorful chicken I have ever eaten!

    Excited to read more of your reviews, Tim 🙂 You and Min make a great team!

  7. I loved this post 🙂 You make a great team on all levels, in writing, health and life! Thanks for the post Tim.

  8. Linz says:

    how fun!! i don’t think i could ever get jonny to write lol

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