Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust Pizza

Yay!  Guess what today is?!  The Recipe ReDux reveal day!!  This is my third month participating, and I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having!  Thank you, Regan, Deanna, and Serena, for coming up with these brilliant and creativity-stimulating themes!

What have you been eating mostly this month?  As for me, I’m amazed I haven’t turned orange yet from consuming insane amounts of pumpkin, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes…

So it’s no wonder I jumped for joy when I found out that the theme for this month is “Orange You Glad It’s Fall?”  ;).  However, I must say this was a toughie as I didn’t know which one of my favorite recipes showcasing orange foods I wanted to share.  There are just way too many!

After contemplating for a while, I decided to bring out the big guns.  Sweet potato stuffed crust pizza, anyone?  There’s nothing more exciting and rewarding than baking bread from scratch!  I just love peeking under the towel to get a glimpse of how much the dough has risen ;).  So exciting!  Yes, it is more work, and you probably can easily get your hands on some pre-made dough.  However, if you have some extra time, try making it all on your own!  It’s a lot of fun.  For me, it’s a great stress-reliever ;).

Anyway, enough about the dough.  Even if you don’t make your own, you MUST stuff it with sweet potatoes!  And because that’s just not enough (for me anyway), slice the sweet potatoes thinly and use them as toppings as well!  Shall we move on to the recipe already?  You got it!

I had a really difficult time writing down this recipe as there are so many little steps involved.  I did my best, but if you’re confused at all, hopefully the pictures will help make things a little more clear.

Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust Pizza

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Whole wheat pizza crust– adapted from this recipe.  There’s also a great video!  I added 1 tsp Italian seasoning and used 3 1/2 cups whole wheat flour (the original calls for 2 cups of whole wheat flour + 1 1/2 cups AP flour).

– If you want a thinner crust, divide the dough in half.

Pizza toppings:  I did not measure closely.  Just piled them on top of the prebaked dough.   1 med. sweet potato, cremini mushrooms (about 8oz), 1 med sweet onion, 2 chicken breasts, mozzarella, your fav jar of tomato or pizza sauce.  Feel free to add any of your fav veggies!  But remember, sweet potatoes are a must!


  1. Sweet potato – Cut the potato in half, and using a mandoline, slice very thinly.
  2. Mushrooms and mozzarella – slice thinly
  3. Chicken: Season with s&p and bake it in the oven at 400F for about 30 min.  Shred after it cools.
  4. Onions:  Slice thinly.  Under low-med heat, add 1 tsp salt, 1 Tbs EVOO and cook for about 3o min. until nicely browned and caramelized.

For the crust: 1 med sweet potato, 2 Tbs honey, 1 Tbs EVOO

Directions: Roast or microwave until softened.  Puree in the food processor until smooth.  Add honey and EVOO to 1 cup of puree.  Transfer to a ziploc bag, and snip a corner to create a piping bag.


  1. Preheat the oven at 500F.  
  2. Once the dough is rolled out, sprinkle some cornmeal to the pizza pan (optional – for the extra crunch), place the dough on top.  Pipe out the sweet potato around the rim of the dough (as uniform as possible). Be sure to leave some space at the edge in order to roll the dough over the sweet potato, creating a stuffed crust.
  3. Prebake for about 5 min.
  4. Layer the crust in this order. Sauce, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onion, chicken, cheese.
  5. Bake at 425 F for about 16-20 min, depending on the thickness.

Once the yeast get foamy, add 1 Tbs olive oil, 2 tsp salt, 1 tsp italian seasoning.

Add the flour, roll it out onto a floured surface, knead for about 10 min, place dough in an oiled bowl, cover loosely with a towel, and let stand in a warm place for about an hour.

To use as a topping, slice sweet potato very thinly. Slice mushrooms. For the crust, roast or steam sweet potatoes. Puree in food processor. Need 1 cup. Add honey and EVOO.

Caramelize onions. Look how much they shrink down!  The house smelled heavenly at this point.

Roast chicken breast. Slice mozzarella.

Divide the dough in half for a thiner crust. Put in separate, oiled bowl and cover loosely with a paper towel. Let it stand for another 30 min.

Left: thinner crust. Right: After rolling it out, I realized I wanted my crust to be thicker so I combined the two halves. Hope this helps you in deciding what thickness you might prefer.

Pipe the sweet potato around the rim of the dough leaving some extra space at the edge.

Fold the edge over the sweet potato. You’ll have to stretch out the dough a bit.  Curious dog not necessary!

Sweet potato stuffed crust done! Ready to be prebaked in the 500 F oven! I felt my endorphins running wild!

Top generously and bake!

Yay!!  What a glorious sight!!

I sort of tore apart the top to showcase my inspiration for this dish..sweet potatoes!

Oh, hello there, my lovely sweet potato stuffed crust!

Now, I can’t wait to check out all the other creations from my wonderful fellow recipe reduxers!  Believe it or not, one can never have too many orange recipes ;).

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33 Responses to Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust Pizza

  1. You are so cute, Min…especially that pic of you holding the stuffed crust! This looks like a sweet potato lover’s delight….i.e. mine! As much as I love cheese, I always find cheese-stuffed crusts a bit too intense although this I could definitely do :)! And trust me…I went through a phase of eating roasted squash twice a day, every day, for like 2 months and unfortunately stayed white as ever…I would have killed to have been a hint of orange by the end of it haha!

  2. Ruta says:

    Oh my god. This seriously looks like the pizza of my dreams. I’ve never liked stuffed crusts, but this definitely has me rethinking that. What a creative recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Min! This is the best idea in the world! OMG it sounds so yummy! I might be jumping on the next plane to Texas just to get some of this.. and see you and Kona of course! (: Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. thefoodery says:

    Great step-by-step pics, and this pizza seems like a HUGE production, haha! Looks wonderful, you did a great job posting the recipe, wish I was in your audience to sample the finished product. 🙂

    • Min says:

      Thank you so much! I was home all day studying so taking a break every now and then to prepare the dough, ingredients, etc was perfect!

  5. Oh my!! I’m drooling girl! Of all the things I miss most about being gluten free, I miss doughy pizza! This looks delicious. Eat a piece for me…mmmkay?

  6. omg, best idea ever!! Genius! I want to make this!

  7. Jess says:

    Wow that is amazing! Love sweet potato. Don’t know if I’ve ever made my own pizza base.

  8. Oh my goodness Min, what an amazing recipe!! I love the sound of this and am so impressed you (a) thought of it and (b) managed to do it – it looks a bit time consuming but worth it 🙂

  9. WOW! This is an ambitious endeavor but appears well worth the effort! Looks amazing.

  10. vinicooksveg says:

    Wow! That looks so yummy and beautiful!

  11. Love this idea! And although you say curious dog not necessary, I’ve got 2 who I can guarantee would get their noses right up as close as possible when I try this recipe.

  12. OH my goodness – this looks AMAZING! I adore homemade pizza – have done thinly sliced potatoes as toppings but never ever thought about using sweet potatoes, let alone add to the crust. So making this! Love having your creativity and energy on board with ReDUX (and btw, the curious dog in photo is classic.)

  13. Serena says:

    Wow! You are superwoman…for creativity and for making homemade pizza crust even better! And aren’t you in the middlee of midterms too?pinning to my must make NOW board!

    • Min says:

      Oh yes, I’m smack in the middle of it. However, that’s certainly not going to keep me away from the kitchen! It’s how I keep myself sane! ;). Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!

  14. What a unique way to use sweet potato!! This pizza looks just amazing!!
    I am super impressed!!! I need to get my bum in the kitchen more.

  15. Kym says:

    okay, Whhhhhhat? this is genius! i’ve never heard of sweet potato stuffed crust before but it sounds and looks delicious!

  16. Wow, when you said you were making your own pizza dough, I had no idea you were making such a masterpiece! 🙂 I love potatoes on pizza…my fav pizza used to be the roasted garlic potato pizza at California Pizza Kitchen…it had thinly sliced yukon gold potatoes on top and it was just delicious. It’s no longer on the menu, though 😦

    Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite sides/snacks these days. I love the health benefits, and how creamy and satisfying they are! Great idea to stuff the crust with them, again you are so creative, love it!!

  17. Min, this sounds SO delicious!! And we love having you as a part of The ReDux 🙂

  18. Linz says:

    This looks and sounds SO good! You are incredibly talented!!

  19. I cannot tell you how good this looks! What a fun and interesting recipe!

  20. Wow wow wow, that looks incredible! I just want to face plant into your pictures and eat it all up!

  21. this is just brilliant. I have been eating insane amount of sweet potatoes & pumpkin lately too…and now looking at this pizza dough, I am very inspired to try it! love your blogs 🙂

  22. This is SO brilliant. I’ve been waiting to use an awkward lump of pizza dough that’s been in my freezer for a while, and now I know what I’m going to do with it!

  23. I might have to say this is my favorite! I love weird pizza combinations and i’m definately on a sweet potato kick right now! Awesome job!!

  24. Mmmm Min this looks so good! I would never have thought of stuffing a pizza crust with sweet potato! Good thing I’m making pizza this weekend! I think I just found a new recipe I’ll use!

  25. Pingback: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

  26. OK I know I’m a little late to this one, but I just found this on pinterest and omg it sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing such a brilliant idea 🙂

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