Mighty Fine Monday

Happy October, everyone!!  Boy, I can’t believe it.  We are getting closer and closer to bidding goodbye to ’12!  Well, maybe you haven’t thought that far, but I like to plan my schedule up to 4 months ahead so I can’t help but to dwell on this.  Anyway, this weekend was yucky as it rained the whole time!  Combine that with 90-degree weather, and it’s one sticky mess.  I’m totally solar-powered, so naturally I wanted to hibernate at home.

However, the hubby and I needed some to get some fresh air hand-in-hand.  For lunch on Saturday we went to…yup, you guessed it, another hamburger joint called Mighty Fine.  The management company actually contacted Tim and asked if he could do a post on his burger blog to spread the word about their October promotion benefitting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  He was super excited about this opportunity for the extra exposure.  I just wanted a free meal ;).  So here we are…

Sigh…I don’t know where he keeps getting these t-shirts…

When you’re finished with your burger, you can go wash your hands in the hand jacuzzi and slap on a sticker that says “I Have Clean Hands.”  See?  Makes me look cool ;).  Just like that little boy…isn’t he so cute?  Come game day all you see is burnt orange here in Austin.  It’s serious business in these parts.  Speaking of which, did anybody get a chance to watch the game?  How crazy were the last 2 minutes?!  What a nail biter it was!

We also had a delicious meal on Sunday…at home :).  Remember how I went to Le Cheval with my family in Walnut Creek last weekend?  We ordered a plate of Bo Luc Lac (otherwise known as Vietnamese shaking beef), one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes!   There’s a place in Houston called Tan Tan, and I swear they serve the meanest Bo Luc Lac EVER!   Well, I suppose I didn’t get my fix bc I craved it so badly this week!  Therefore, I decided to make it myself!

It was DE-LI-CIOUS!  I owe it all to the Ravenous Couple for their awesome recipe!  Their site is FULL of, but not limited to, authentic and delightful Vietnamese cuisine recipes that you can easily recreate at home!  So what are you waiting for?  I highly encourage you to check out their lovely blog!

Besides eating, we lounged around at home, and I worked on my research paper while Tim kept himself entertained with football (I’m so thankful for this season..I hate neglecting him).

Hope you guys have a marvelous first day of October!  Thank you, Katie, for hosting this party!

And for a good laugh…  I’m sure you’ve heard of Gangnam Style by now.  No?  Well, here’s a video of a mom and her son dancing to the beat.  Any Ellen fans out there?  If so, then you probably saw them busting a move on the Ellen Show.  The mom is incredible!  She dances better than me!  Yikes!!

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12 Responses to Mighty Fine Monday

  1. LOVE your outfit Min- the blue & yellow look so good together! Although I still can’t understand the hype around Gangnam Style, it never fails to crack me up….this video is even better! Ellen always has such hilarious things on her show! Did you ever watch the lil girls who freestyled the whole Nicki Minaj song? TOO cute!

  2. Linz says:

    So fun!! How cool is it they contacted the Hubs to review the burger joint? And what an awesome cause!! And the end of 2012 is near?! Holy moly where is the time going, seriously!?

  3. Such an awesome weekend and so exciting! See, all the burgers are paying off 🙂 Have a glorious Monday!

  4. 1. I love those yellow shoes! theyyy are adorable! 2. I’m glad the hubbys blog is taking off! How exciting… {and that you are getting free food} I love burgers so everytime I see another one of your posts all I want to do is make them! haha. Hope school is going well!

  5. Love your turquiose skinny jeans and yellow flats, how stylish!! I’m not stylish at all, I need serious help in that department 🙂

    That’s so funny that you posted about Bo Luc Lac, it’s one of my favorite dishes too! We used to call it #191 because that was the number on the menu at Nam Phuong where we always used to get Vietnamese food in Philly 🙂 That and the combination vermicelli noodle bowl, with chicken, shrimp, and fried spring rolls! Yours looks amazing! Maybe I’ll try to make it too 🙂

    OK, that video totally gave me the laugh I needed today!! That mom is amazing…hilarious!

  6. eatpraytri says:

    that burger looks HEAVENLY!!!

  7. That’s so cool that Tim got an invite to post about a burger place! I knew you guys wouldn’t let me down on hitting up a burger spot over the weekend 🙂 Loce your pants! Cute color and the shoes look so cute with them. Hope your week is great!

  8. How awesome that Team was invited to visit the burger place & write a post!! It would’ve been crazy if you didn’t tag along for some free food 🙂

  9. Haha that dance clip is so super cool! 😀 Love it!

  10. That video is too cute! I hadn’t seen it.
    Glad you two were able to tackle another burger joint. 🙂 It looked like a good one!!

  11. You are so cute!! I love your outfit! How fun that the burger joint contacted your hubby!! My hubs would LOVE that! lol

  12. Haha they are so serious in this video! One of my professors this semester actually showed the real video in class lol. And the clip where he came on Ellen and taught her and Britney Spears a brief part of the dance. So funny!

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