My Hubby’s Bucket List Plus…My Boys Bleed Orange

Happy Monday, everyone!  Hope you all have a Marvelous Monday!!

As always, I thank Katie for this wonderfully positive link-up that I am glad to be a part of!

Although I’ve been spending most of my time locked away in my study, a.k.a my cave, I enjoyed stepping out of the house on Saturday for some fresh air with the hubby.  We went to another local burger joint.  So if you’ve been reading my blog, you may have noticed that we’ve been eating a lot of burgers lately.  Well, it’s because my “health-conscious” hubby created a bucket list of burgers, which includes at least 50(!!), and it’s growing all too quickly.  Yes, my friends, that’s right.  I mean, I’ve seen people make one of these lists for fitness, travel, etc but for burgers?!?

However, we made a deal.  He agreed to eat all of my “scary foods” (as he calls them) during the week if I accompany him to fulfill his mission on the weekends.  “Yipee!  Burgers…,”  I think to myself unenthusiastically.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love burgers!  But there are a lot of other foods I want to be trying too!  Since we only go out to eat once a week, we’re going to have to work something out here.  However, I figure it’s the least I can do for the hubby who’s willing to try whatever I put in front of him.  I’m excited to get working on changing his food preferences!  Muhaha.  A day shall come when he begins to crave sweet potatoes, kale, quinoa, beets…basically all the foods I can’t live without.

Anyway, last Saturday we went to one of our favorite burger joints, Hopdoddy.  Yes, we’ve already been there.  However, Tim heard about the Hatcheroni that was available for a limited time only.  Of course, he HAD to try it!  So we went…I’m seriously the best wife ever!  Wouldn’t you agree? 😉

So without further ado, I introduce you to…the beast…

Yup..all joking aside, I was seriously terrified when I saw this…if the thick beef patty wasn’t enough, there was a thick fried mac & cheese patty with hatch chiles AND slices of apple-smoked bacon!  And it all went into his belly.  As for Tim, he was in dreamland.

This is what I had..Janis Joplin: hemp seed veggie patty, avocado, sprouts, Tillamook cheddar, horseradish honey mustard..a lot friendlier on the figure..and healthier.  I didn’t miss the meat at all while digging into this one, and that’s the biggest compliment I can give to a veggie burger.  I can’t eat a beef burger everytime we go, and I happen to love a good veggie burger.  Perhaps I’ll start a bucket list for non-traditional burgers ;). that’s an idea!

This Saturday, we went to All Star Burger.  It’s pretty far from where we live, but I didn’t mind since it’s located in one of the most beautiful, hilly, and scenic parts of Austin called Lakeway.  We used to live near the area so I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic as I looked out the window.

All Star Burger is a gourmet-style burger joint with an emphasis on using better ingredients and in typical Austin fashion, supporting the local farmers.

Look at that smile!  How could I not want to join him on his burger-eating adventure?

Tim ordered “The West” burger which had angus beef, cheddar, bibb lettuce, roasted jalapenos, and garlic-cilantro cream cheese.

Although he thought it had the potential to be a great burger (yes, it’s the expert speaking here), he felt that there was a lil’ something missing.  Perhaps an element of tanginess?  Pickled rather than roasted jalapenos?  Yes…he’s very critical when it comes to his burgers…as for the average Joe here, I liked it!

So now, you must be wondering what I had..well, let me tell you!  I tried the “ML Kaiser” burger which had VENISON meat stuffed with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, caramelized onions, and spicy mustard.  I kept going back and forth about ordering this one.  Tim kept calling it the “Bambi burger” …umm… very disturbing.  However, I know that it’s a lot leaner than regular beef, and honestly, I just wanted to tell my dear friend, Michelle, that I’ve tried venison meat also!

So how was the venison?  Honestly, I don’t know.  I found the pepper jack cheese to be WAY too overpowering.  I mean just look at the picture.  All you see is cheese.  This was exactly what I was afraid of.  When I read that the cheese was stuffed, I asked if I could just get it on top of the meat instead.  The cashier said the patties were already pre-formed :(.  I think this is a bad idea bc I couldn’t taste the meat.  As far as I could tell, it tasted like beef.  I liked the caramelized onions though!  Overall, I say, “it was too salty.”  But remember, this is just the average Joe talking here ;).

Afterwards, we went to a doggie boutique to see if we could find a lil’ something to spoil the Kones buddy with, as he was waiting eagerly for us at home.

Yes, yes…we found the perfect treat for him – a longhorn-shaped biscuit with pb and carrot icing.  Score!  It was game day.  Kona needed to recognize.

Oh and guess what else we found…virgin booze for doggies!!

Have you ever seen this?  In case you can’t read the description (copied directly from the sign) – it’s made with 100% USA beef or chicken in a broth base, malt barley for shiny coats, and glucosamine for healthy joints!  I swear, the doggie world’s getting better and better each day ;).  As we don’t want to completely spoil Kona, we just got him the biscuit.  Maybe next time…

The owner of the store is a vizsla owner, and her love for her 4-legged buddie was unmistakeable!  The 7-year-old beauty was such a sweet-tempered lady with great wisdom.  I could tell from her mannerisms ;).

We came home, and it was game time!  UT vs. New Mexico!

To entice Kona into watching the game with us..

He didn’t like it when we put the shirt on him.  Initially…he froze.  Then he saw the orange biscuit…

May I?  Ok!  I’m going for it!

My boys bleed orange…burnt orange that is!  Hook’em horns!

I hope the burger pictures or Kona brought a smile to your face today!  Wishing you a Marvelous Monday!  Go and make it a great one!

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29 Responses to My Hubby’s Bucket List Plus…My Boys Bleed Orange

  1. Haha there is hope for Tim- my brother in law, who wasn’t into healthy eating when he first married my sister, recently asked her to make him a green smoothie for breakfast…and pack quinoa and chicken for his lunch!! I haven’t had a burger in ages and am CRAVING one now! And please give venison another shot…I am addicted to them and good thing they’re lean! They aren’t available in Mumbai so naturally I made up for lost time during my trip in London!

    • Min says:

      Whoa! That’s quite the change for your brother-in-law! This pumps me up! That will be Tim in couple of months..hopefully! Yea, I hear that venison is really good! I’m def going to give it another chance ;).

  2. I love this post Min! That burger that Tim got definitely scares me too. But a mac n cheese pattie would definitely be something I would try 🙂 I love the dog bone you found, so hilarious! I can’t wait to have a dog one day to spoil with flavored bones! I’m glad you guys had a fun weekend!

    • Min says:

      You would? haha I think all I needed was just one bite..just to know what it tasted like..and then I moved onto my veggie burger…I know I know..I’m no fun. Isn’t the bone awesome! I’m going to try to bake for him more often!

  3. cutest dog ever! And that burger, wow.

  4. fried mac & cheese on a burger! OMG that sounds like Eric would be in heaven too! I might have to show that to him! Also Kona looks so adorable in that shirt! I love dressing Harleyyy up. I haven’t dressed Hunter up much yet but I’m sure he would just love it! (: ohhhh anndddd Beer for Dogs? that is awesome! haha. I have never seen that before! Thanks for sharing Min! Hope school is going well for you! (:

    • Min says:

      Thanks, Danielle! School’s def keeping me busy! Kona LOVES it when I dress him up…yea right. It’s funny though. Whenever he wears something, and I take it off, he looks so naked all of a sudden. Can’t wait for our dogs to meet soon so that they can enjoy a nice, refreshing beer together 😉

  5. Courtney says:

    What fun restaurant adventures!! And your dog is adorable… dogs in clothes make me melt 🙂

  6. We bleed orange here too!! Just a different color orange. 😉 I want that hemp burger!!

    • Min says:

      I knew you would say that! hehe..that’s why I specified burnt orange at the end..just for you hehe. And I really really think you’ll like the hemp burger..but honestly, you know what? It tasted very similar to the veggie burger recipe on Angela’s website (@ohsheglows). Seriously! So you should try making it at home…it’s super easy!

  7. Can I tag along on your burger bucket list adventures? 🙂 SO wish we lived closer to each other!! I have to say the cutaway shot of the mac and cheese patty is pretty amazing! At first I thought it was a huge onion ring…I’m a sucker for onion rings on top of burgers!

    Beer for dogs, what will they come up with next? Kona, you are looking very handsome in that jersey 🙂

    • Min says:

      Ooh! That would be so awesome! More the merrier!
      You sound like Tim! He LOVES onion rings on top of burgers too! Well, he just likes onion rings period. I don’t let him order it too often though…is that evil? haha

      Kona seriously looks amazing in burnt orange! Not plain orange..then he reminds me of halloween

  8. Katy says:

    The burgers look delish! My fav is still a mushroom burger that thy serve at a chain restaurant here.

  9. The burger bucket list sounds awesome in theory, but I see why you would get a little sick of burgers after awhile. I love dog bakeries, and now Milo can drink beer with us? So cute! Glad you had a good weekend 🙂

    • Min says:

      Yup, that’s exactly how I feel..but I’m going to keep it interesting by trying alternative burgers ;). And yes, when you’re enjoying your blue moon, Milo can chug his as well 😉 Perfect drinking buddy!

  10. You always find a way to bring a smile to my face! The burger joint looks awesome! I know Mike and Anthony would be loving that place 😉

    How cute! Boys in orange!

    Happy Tuesday Min! ❤

    ALways thinking of you!

    • Min says:

      Happy Tuesday to you too, Katie!
      I’m glad you’re having a blast at the beach!
      Boys boys…what is it with them and burgers? hehe
      Miss you…

  11. Ellie says:

    hahahahahaha I just cracked up at the “bambi burger” comment! I’m still laughing…thank goodness I’m not in public 😛 ahh….you guys are so fun. Omgsh, sometimes (like yest.) I just crave a good ol’ burger and my tummy feels so happy and satisfied! And that venison one looks so rich~

    And that dog is so so so cute!!!! ahhh I have a cat and although I’ve grown to love cats, I think I’ll always have a special place for dogs in my heart. I hope you’re doing well despite the busy-ness unnie! Stay strong and be courageous, do not be afraid (of anything) for the Lord is with you wherever you go.

    • Min says:

      yup..that’s Tim…always “spicing” things up. My burger was richer than Tim’s! That’s not my style. For once, Tim was eyeing my meal over his! That never happens..I’m always picking at his food…it’s gotten better, I think.
      Thank you for thinking of me! And thank you for that wonderful reminder.. Yes God is always with me.

      • I’ll admit it…you did pick the better burger this time. And yes, you have gotten better at keeping your hands on your own plate. But if you keep ordering better than me, you may have to start slapping my hands away ;). I do appreciate you trying all these burger places with me. I can’t think of a better person to attack my burger bucket list with.

  12. Kristen says:

    What a bucket list!!! I love a good burger now and then, but that is a lot of beef!!! What a good wife you are for supporting him.
    And a fried Mac and cheese patty!?! Oh my gosh, that is crazy!! But I am Defintely intrigued. 🙂

  13. Kym says:

    A burger bucket list!!! Genius! I myself am still on the hunt for the “best burger i’ve ever had” Haha! That mac & cheese burger looks so delicious!!! But yes, if i were to do this, it might be once every two weeks or even once a month. 😛 And the beer for dogs made me smile 🙂

    • Min says:

      Haha! Sounds like you’ll be a better partner in crime to Tim than I ;). I mean I like burgers, but I don’t have to find that “Best” one..And yes! Isn’t the beer such a cool concept! Beer that’s actually good for them 😉

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