August Foodie PenPal

My Foodie PenPal this month was Natalie, the brains behind a lovely, food-centered blog called The Dirty Oven!  What a cute name, don’t you think?  I just LOVE her tagline: soul of a baker, mouth of a trucker with a little of life mixed in ;).

Let’s get right into the big reveal, shall we?

The Lean Green Bean

Thank you, Lindsay, for heading up this amazing program!

Natalie lives in Santa Cruz, CA, and the goodies are from a local farmer’s market!  She must’ve read about my locavore preferences 😉 …

The almonds and dried mangoes are amazing!  I’ve never had sprouted almonds before, let alone lemon juice flavored!  How ingenious!  I’ve only thought about roasting them using different spices but never with citrus!  I’m def going to try to recreate this.  If the experiment turns out fabulous (it’ll probably take several tries), you bet I’m going to share it with you guys ;).  I love how you can taste the zesty-burst of flavor at first bite without it being too overpowering!

I don’t eat a lot of dried fruits, but mangoes are an exception.  I LOVE the Philippines dried mangoes sold at Costco.  However, I know that they’re coated in tons of sugar!  Not these.  They really taste like gourmet mangoes without all the extra added ingredients.  They’re a lil’ bit tougher, as the hubby called it mango jerky, but I like them just fine ;).

I’m not sure if Natalie read my post on sun-dried tomato pesto, but if not, then boy, she and I are on the same page here ;).  I can’t wait to use the organic fresh dried tomatoes she sent me in various dishes.

She also sent me some recipes provided by the farmer’s market and a card!  So very thoughtful..

Thank you, Natalie!

I sent my package to Kimberly from Rhubarb and Honey.  Her blog is filled with many delicious recipes!  Cool fact: she serves as an advisory board member for Slow Food in St. Louis which is an international, educational organization devoted to promoting fresh, local, and sustainably-produced food, biodiversity, and the preservation of food traditions, as well as celebrating the pleasures of the table. (source).  Her family’s also a competitive bbq team!  I was so excited when I read that since, come on…I live in Austin where real bbq is served (sorry if I offended anyone..we’re free to have our own opinions, right? ;))!!  If you want to check out what I sent her, just head on over to her lovely blog!


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3 Responses to August Foodie PenPal

  1. Mm I love dried mango! Don’t you love Foodie Pen Pal’s because you try new food items! I’ve never heard of sprouted almonds before, they sound delicious! Hope you have a great labor day weekend!

  2. erinmotz says:

    I totally want some of that dry mango, like now! I want a foodie penpal, too! Thinking I really need to get on this and have been saying that for like 4 months, lol. BTW, congrats on the US citizenship!!! What an accomplishment!

    • Min says:

      That mango…sooo good! Yea! YOu totally should! I’m actually going to stop for right now..too much to think about so this will be one less thing..Thank you!! It’s such an honor and a privilege! I don’t take it for granted

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