Final Day of HLS

On the last day of HLS..

Group 5K walk/run.

(Photo via Courtney)

I was just planning to walk with my roomies, but when I heard “go”, I  found myself running again. self-restraint.

Then it was bfast time!

(photo via Courtney)

Afterwards, we said our goodbyes with hopes of reuniting soon!

Then, I met up with two of my friends from middle school whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time.  My friend, who’s doing her residency an hour away from Boston, picked me up from the hotel.  So thankful that she came all the way just to meet up with me.  My other friend is also doing her residency but in Boston (they’re are so intelligent!), and she met us at the restaurant.  We went to Island Creek Oyster Bar for lunch.

I wasn’t very hungry from the bfast feast I had 2 hours prior, so I just had some oysters and lobster sliders.

We then walked around the city, but honestly, I was too busy babbling  (nothing new there) and engrossed in catching up on their lives that I didn’t really soak in the surroundings.  I believe we were in Newbury most of the time.  I managed to get some shots though, thank goodness!

Everywhere I turned, the buildings displayed so much character!  So unique and historical!  It’s mind-blowing to think that my feet touched the ground where the great minds once trod.

Loved all the willow trees in the park!

And carousel?  Awesome!

After all the walking, we stopped for dessert at this extraordinary place!  Check out the darling, fashionable pig that was right outside the store!  You can imagine all the attention and publicity she received!  It’s not everyday that you see a pig in a tutu with pink colored toenails.

Max Brenner, the bald man…you sure know what you’re doing!  This place was unreal!  I strongly urge you to check out their menu!  I had the hardest time deciding.  Hazelnut cream banana toffee crepe, crystal sugar churros fondue, deep fudge chocolate cake…I mean, seriously!  How could I possibly choose?  After a long “I wanna pull out all my hair” kind of dilemma, the word s’mores captured my heart.  I ordered “the spectacular melting chocolate s’mores sundae.”  This is its description word by word (just had to!)…decadent milk chocolate ice cream, pure vanilla cream, milk chocolate fondue, pure chocolate chunks, marshmallow fluff, and whipped cream.  Garnished with toasted marshmallow.  Served with white chocolate ganache…yea…that’s what I had!  My friend had a chocolate chai which she loved!  Just take a look at the presentation!

This was truly a decadent indulgence!

Then the time came to say our goodbyes..twice in one day?!  However, before my floodgates opened, we had to part very abruptly as we had lost track of time.  I almost missed my flight.  I hate getting to the airport late, but it was all worth it this time.  Every minute spent with my girls was precious!

I returned home around 1am, and my heart leapt as I saw from afar the hubby standing near the baggage claim.  When I got home, an insanely hyper Kona literally attacked me!  I wanted to scold him for being up way past his bedtime, but I let it slip this time.  It felt good to be back home with my boys.  A clean and shiny one at that!  Tim went through the trouble of vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the kitchen (including the microwave, stovetop, refrigerator)..Man, I should travel more often!  Sorry, I just had to brag ;).  This about wraps up my unforgettable weekend in Boston!  I miss all you lovely ladies, and I shall cherish all the unforgettable memories!  Now back to school and work on Monday!

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7 Responses to Final Day of HLS

  1. ER WOW at that dessert..each word kept getting better & better! Nothing like dessert and catching up with old friends to round up an already wonderful trip :)! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Min!

  2. Brittany says:

    What a great trip!! I need to get myself to Boston! How sweet of Tim!! My hubby is that way too… we are blessed women!

  3. yum your lunch with your friends looks awesome! I can’t believe you went to Max Brenners! I love that place! It is so delicious! and that darn pig. so cute! I hugged my dogs when I got home too! I missed them so much {as you know} That was so sweet of your hubby to clean! I gotta slip this blog post to Eric haha! (:

  4. erinmotz says:

    Love your pictures – the HLS looked like it was incredible… always sad to leave a fun memory, but at least it’ll be an awesome one to look back on! 🙂

  5. Corrie Anne says:

    Awwwa soo sweet that he cleaned the house while you were away. I love the puppies’ welcome home! It’s the best!

  6. There’s so much AMAZING happening in this post, I’m not sure where to begin! Okay, who am I kidding, I’m going to start with the “spectacular melting s’more’s chocolate sundae” because how could I not? Wow. I love marshmallow fluff, and used to beg my parents to let me to eat an entire bowl for dessert whenever it was in our house (which was only on special occasions). They never let me, as it was “for topping only,” but in college I got my way and ate it straight from the jar. 😉 I visited Max Brenner in NYC before Christmas last year and ordered the most decadent hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted. I’d love to return to try a sundae!

    The lobster sliders you ate at Island Creek Oyster Bar look delicious! I’d take those over a lobster roll any day. 😉 Next time we’re in Boston, we’ll be sure to find a good light-on-the-mayo lobster roll though!

    Oh, and the pig is adorable! Was she just standing still while people snapped pictures? If so, she was one patient pig!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Min! xoxo

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