Day 3 – HLS ’12

The day started off at 6:30 with a 3 mile run along the..yup, you guessed it…the Charles River.

(Photo via Danielle)

I was just going to take it easy, but boy did I miss running!  As you know I’m staying away from high intensity workouts, but with  such an amazing view, it was impossible to contain myself.  I sprinted here and there, and I just felt so liberated.  “I shall suffer the consequences later,”  I thought to myself.  For what it’s worth, it was wonderful!

Then it was bfast time!  Thank you, Wild Harvest, for an incredible feast!

(top right and bottom left photos via Katie)

I worked up quite an appetite so I didn’t mind stuffing my face.  Not much socializing happened during this time.  Oops.  Congratulations to Kelly for her winning dish – Greek Inspired Egg Scramble!  It was delicious!

After a quick shower, it was time for the sessions.

First, I went to “Blog Photography Basics.”  Food photography is quickly becoming a passion of mine, so I was very eager to learn!  Some of the takeaways that were applicable to me:  Don’t set the ISO too high bc it’ll make the picture look really grainy.  Set at 2 sec delay to get rid of any shakiness, resulting in cleaner, crisper photos.  I haven’t thought about getting editing software due to the high price, but apparently I can get a student discount!  Gretchen highly recommended Lightroom.  I’m going to have to work my magic and be an extra nice wifey ;).

Next, I went to “Blogging with Brands.”  Although I’m not thinking of doing this right now, I was still curious as to how it works.  I really appreciated one of the tips – write like you’re never going to work with a brand.  It’s important to stay authentic and true to yourself.  And also know your value!  Numbers do not define you.  This was my initial thought that companies won’t want to work with me bc I’m new and “small.”  However, I DO have something to bring to the table, and I am valuable!  Check out Anne’s post for an awesome recap!

Then it was lunch time!  Hello food..

Yes..we were spoiled.

Then two keynote speakers sponsored by Wild Harvest, Genie and Kim, talked to us about product and recipe development.  Want to learn some easy ways to improve your recipes?  Try layering your flavors, taste like a chef, measure every ingredient precisely, list your ingredients in the order you use them, and read your recipe!  Also, when modifying someone else’s recipe, you must make at least 3 significant changes in order to make it your own.

Snack time..

Next up was the newbie Q&A discussion session.  It was comforting to know that I’m not alone in feeling so overwhelmed and lost when it comes to blogging.  Some keypoints to remember – don’t blog for the sake of blogging and don’t comment for the sake of commenting.  Also, it’s about doing what works for your own schedule.  My life is about to get really crazy once school starts, and it’s ok if I don’t post everyday.  What I’ve enjoyed so far in my 3 months of blogging is building relationships, and that’s what I’m going to continue to do.  For a more detailed recap, read this post by Courtney.

Finally, I learned about social media and keeping up with trends.  It’s important to get involved even if you don’t know what you’re doing!  You’ll learn as you go.  So true!  When I joined Twitter back in June, I had NO idea what I was doing.  I still don’t know to the full extent, but I’m def feeling more comfortable tweeting ;).  I also learned about Buffer.  It’s an app that links all your social media accounts.  I’m still trying to figure this one out so can’t tell you too much yet, but def check out the link!

With my ever-so-expanded knowledge and overloaded brain, I went to dinner at Cafe Sushi with my new friends.  Sara and I actually chose to walk there from the hotel while others took a cab.  Not only did we save money and sneak in some exercise, we got to talk and laugh all the way there!  Sara, I really want to see that postcard with “The Face.”  Puhaha!  I enjoyed every single step I took with her.

(photo via Katie)

I had no idea the group was going to be this large, but I got to meet some wonderful ladies.  Katie, Amy, Linz, and Lisa sat fairly close to me, so I enjoyed chatting it up with them.  So fun!

My dinner..chef’s selection.

Every bite was so complex, delicate, and so flavorful!  However, as you can see, it’s a lil’ dainty.  So we decided to go to….yup!  J.P Licks again!  This time I tried the black & white malt flavor!  Tasted just like Milk Duds!

Group pic!  Yea…where were my heels when I needed them?

Day 3…last night of HLS over.  Time sure flew by!

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14 Responses to Day 3 – HLS ’12

  1. Love your recaps. Really wish I could have been there! Is 1000 ISO considered high? That’s what I always do when I’m inside. I really need to learn more about photography. Also, is the two second delay while you’re holding the camera? Or on a tripod? I’ve actually never tried using a tripod! Sorry I’m bombarding you with questions in a comment!

    • Min says:

      Hi, Caroline! Not at all! Ask away! However, I’m still figuring things out myself so I’m not the best person to ask..but from what I heard, I think keeping your ISO in the range of 400-800 is a good idea. 2 second delay is for the tripod so that when you click on the button, the movement won’t affect the picture quality. A great one to start off with is a’s very affordable and flexible so you can move it however you want! HOpe this helps!

  2. Corrie Anne says:

    SO fun! I love reading all the recaps. Someday I will get myself to one. I’m the opposite a food photographer.. I only use my iPhone.. so I need it!! Haha.

    • Min says:

      That’s what I thought..and now I’m loving it! I do have a tip for you..I learned that when using your iphone, you should turn the flash off! It will make your food look yummier 😉

  3. Reading this recap makes me want to return to Boston and relive every moment of this day–especially our walk to dinner. I’m so glad we were able to sneak in a 30 minute heart-to-heart. I’ll be coming to Austin sometime soon so that we can finish our conversation. 😉 Also, in regards to the last picture: I desperately needed a pair of heels too! Look out for the two shorties on the left! Haha 😉

    Thanks so much for the session recaps! I didn’t attend the photography session (I should have though! I know nothing about my camera! or newbie Q&A, so I enjoyed reading about the main takeaway points.

    I can’t stop thinking about the Chef’s Selection at Cafe Sushi–so good! I only wish I could recreate it! ❤

    • Min says:

      I know…That walk was lovely! Even though I had NO idea where we were going! Thank you my navigator! You’re awesome at finding your way around a new place 😉 I on the other hand…
      Yes yes! can’t wait for you to come! PUhahahah…I know! But we def wouldn’t have been able to do the walk if we had heels fun!

      Really? For someone who doesn’t know anything, your pictures look great! And yes that dish…Usually I have some sort of an idea how to recreate..but this one..I got nothin..

  4. Wow, what a great day. I like the sound of the sessions you chose and it’s amazing how much is packed into these conferences. I like the look of your food too!

  5. Linz says:

    So sad it’s over!! So fun to read recaps though and see pix of the lovely weekend!! 🙂 🙂

  6. Melissa says:

    This weekend went by SO fast! Kristin (FoodFash) that there was another blogger from Austin at HLS (you!) but was never able to catch up. We’ll have to all get together now that we’re back in town, I think Kristin said she was planning something soon? Would love to meet you!

  7. Brittany says:

    I love reading your recaps…even though I’m behind!! I so wish I could have been there with you girls!

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