Day 2 of HLS ’12

The day started out with a wonderful walk with Katie.  I really cherish these one-on-one times as group gatherings can get a lil’ bit intimidating and impersonal.  She was such an awesome walking buddie!  If we lived closer, we’d do it every morning..right, Katie?! 😉  Well, having this view didn’t hurt either!  Good morning, Boston!  Miss you, Charles River!

For lunch, Kristin organized another mini-mingle – lunch at Whole Foods!

(Top right picture via Kristin)

I met Amy and Lisa for the first time!  Great company, tasty lunch = happy Min!  Nice to meet you ladies ;).

Then Emma, a whole body specialist at WF, talked us through the importance and the benefits of using all-natural makeup with wholesome ingredients.  Stay away from the dirty thirty!  Our skin is the largest organ we have!  Most of what we apply on our skin gets absorbed into our liver!  To start, think about changing out your deodorant to a natural one.  Read here if you want to learn more.

At the end, the amazing people at WF sent us off with this amazing goodie bag STUFFED with samples!  Hello!  Come to mama..

I def wanted to make sure I took every single one of these packets home.  At the same time, I didn’t want to check in my bag either.  So what did I do?  I left behind all my dirty makeup.  Now, that’s a start, right?  This is what I took home in my quart size ziploc…My skin deserves the best esp since I’m going to be a stress bomb soon.

Afterwards, we walked back to the hotel to pick up our Swag Bag!!  So fun to say that!

Look at all the yummy deliciousness!  Can’t wait to try them one at a time throughout the week!  And yes..I now own a pair of hot pink, lighter than air Reebok shoes!  They make me feel like I’m walking on clouds!  And here’s Danielle sporting our shirt that’s soft as a feather.  And have you seen these flavored lip balms before?  Yum!  Can you sense my excitement??

Then I went on a photowalk led by the “oh so incredibly adorable and hilarious” Gretchen and the very artistic and creative Holly.  I instantly adored Gretchen!  Love her spunk, humor, openness, fun-spirit, and vibrant energy!  And of course, when she mentioned her obsession with her 2 mini schnauzers, I died…wish Kona could meet Dexter and Harry!  How cute would that be!!

(Photo via Gretchen)  Do you see the diff between her pics and mine?  I have a lot to learn..

(photo via Ashley!  It was nice meeting you!)

Although we ended up getting lost, I was secretly glad that we did because I got the golden opportunity to walk alongside Anne!  I’ve been following her blog since last year, and I’m not going to lie..I was star-struck!  She’s one of the reasons why I started blogging.  I couldn’t believe that I was walking next to her, hearing her voice, and sharing about our journeys to becoming RDs and just life in general.  She was so incredibly sweet and def worthy of admiration.  Ahh…I still can’t believe…

Here are some pictures that I took along the way since it was a photowalk after all…but honestly, I was more interested in chatting..

Here we are again!  Anne looks so cute..I, on the other hand…The hubby says to me, “you better work on your pose.”

After our extended walk, it was time to get ready for the cocktail party!  Although I was a sweaty mess, I had no desire to shower.  Sorry guys if you smelled something awful that night.  I quickly got dressed and joined the party!

These are all the pictures I took until my camera went dead :(.  Oh, and do you like my pose?  Someone graciously shared with me the much needed tip to making your arms look flattering – put your hand on your waist.  I think I overdid it, though :o.  As I lingered around the cheese and bread table, I ran into Courtney!  She is seriously drop dead gorgeous!  She told me that she was trying to meet as many new faces as she possibly could, and that was so encouraging to hear!  What a supportive and loving community that I’m a part of!  I also got to meet Sara!  We’ve been exchanging very funny and thorough comments back and forth, so I was very eager to meet her in person!  What a sweetheart she is!  Again..stunning!  I def felt out of place that night amongst so many beauties!  She and I hit it off right away as if we’d known each other for years!  And to think, this is just the beginning of our beautiful friendship ;).

And of course, Room 513!  And that just about wraps up Day 2!

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25 Responses to Day 2 of HLS ’12

  1. I can’t believe everyone got a pair of shoes! I’m so jealous!

  2. Michelle says:

    Those shoes are so cute!! I have to say that out of all of the reeboks I’ve seen that people got from HLS, yours are the best 🙂 I love pink!
    And I’m so jealous of your lunch at Whole Foods! I actually lived in a city with one for my whole life, never went, and now I’ve moved a couple hours away! I’ll have to go next time I’m back in town.
    I hope school and your grad assistant ship is going well!! Craig is a GA right now and I think he likes it – he has a lot more students in the class he TAs this year!

    • Min says:

      I wasn’t a huge fan of pink, but I’m slowly opening up to it ;). I don’t go too often to WF either bc it’s so expensive. Maybe once every 3 weeks or so. But I also got tons of coupons so I’ll be paying them a visit soon! Eeks..I’m nervous..the day’s fastly approaching! Want to hear all about your first week of school!

  3. Courtney says:

    I love those shoes! And it sounds like you had an amazing, busy day! 🙂

  4. Again, so jealous! Looks like you had a blast. I probably would have been a little star struck meeting some of the more “famous” bloggers too, though it sounds weird saying that! I’m glad you met Sara! She was my sorority sister in college and is so sweet!

  5. eatpraytri says:

    Wow that looks like such an amazing time!! How cool to meet and hang out with so many big time bloggers! That’s I would feel the same…totally starstruck!!

    • Min says:

      I’m so glad I met so many bloggers out there! Just wish I got to talk to them more. It was kind of tough to do so with hundreds of all so amazing ladies!

  6. I so wish I had been able to be there all day Friday! It looks like fun!

  7. I love your dress, you look so beautiful!! And wow, what a swag bag 🙂 Looks like so much fun!!

    • Min says:

      blush..omygoodness..thanks, Maura…Yup! And I managed to fit it all into my carryon! I’m that good!’s more like let me toss some things here and there 😉

  8. Tell your husband to hush – you look fantastic! I’m so jealous of everyone who went. I’m not missing this one next year!

    • Min says:

      Haha! Thanks, Lauren! It would’ve been so awesome to meet you! One of these days…I’ll totally be following you everywhere haha…just ignore me please when that happens.

  9. What an amazing day that must have been! I wish I could have been there to meet you too 🙂 I think that dress looks REALLY good on you! 🙂

  10. Kym says:

    Love the shoes! Day 2 sounds like a blast as well… That’s it! I’m going to try and make it next year!!!

  11. I love the recap Min! You look great in all your pictures, you are so beautiful! I’m glad you had fun, I am so jealous of the swag bag 😉

    • Min says:

      Aww..thanks Natalie! I owe it all to the dress! I think I’ve eaten everything in the bag, started applying some natural skincare products on my face, went for a walk in my new shoes..yup I’m def loving the swag bag 😉

  12. Anne P says:

    You are so sweet! It was wonderful to meet you and chat – I hope to do so again at a future conference! Best of luck with school and keep me updated on your journey to becoming an RD! 🙂

    • Min says:

      Hi Anne! I’m already looking forward to meeting you again..hopefully soon! I sure will! And I look forward to following your journey as an RD!! Woot woot!

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