Imitation Larabars

Happy last Friday of June, everyone!  Can you believe it?  We’re already half way through the year!!

Lately, I’ve been dealing with the brutal weather (triple digit temps), stress from school, the ridiculously long commute, the herbal medicine that I have to take 3 TIMES a day…in other words, there’s a lot of stressors in my life at this moment!

So what inevitably happens when I feel overwhelmed and exhausted?  SNACK ATTACK!

This does not bode well for many reasons – I end up not eating “real” meals.  My precious vitamin and mineral intakes plummet.  My tummy feels gross and bloated.  I leave behind traces of crumbs everywhere.  On these particular days when my husband comes home from work, without fail he says, “you’ve been snacking haven’t you?”  According to him, more food comes out of my mouth than actually goes in.  Sniff Sniff.  I shall work on my table manners and learn to eat like a lady.  Until then, pass me a bib please!

This week, my imitation larabars came to the rescue!  They are nutritious, clean snacks I can feel good about popping into my mouth!  Not to mention, they don’t leave any crumbs behind 🙂 .  Score!

Not only are they delicious, but they’re SUPER easy to make!  Love it when those two meet.  Don’t we all?  Plus, it will save you a lot of money.

I purchase medjool dates from Costco.  I absolutely LOVE that place!!  For a family of 2, we sure do a lot of bulk purchasing.  But thanks to my OCD ways, you can count on there being no waste.Image

Oh, and I usually purchase baby carrots, but this time they’ve been replaced with these:


This really freaked out the hubby.  He thought it looked and tasted way too…wait for it, wait for it…”Carroty!”  Hmm..Thanks hunnie, what a brilliant explanation.  In my opinion, they taste far superior than their miniature counterparts!  Not only that, in my nutrition class, I learned that regular carrots actually contain more vitamin A than baby carrots.  Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which will definitely aid in absorbing all the healthy fats I have been consuming lately.  Let’s just hope my face doesn’t turn orange in the process.  I must admit, this is A LOT of carrots!  But, don’t you worry, they will all end up in my tummy in one form or another.  And since the hubby won’t help me, I’ve recruited this lil’ guy!  And yes, he WILL beg for carrots!  That’s my boy!  He makes me so proud =).

The carrots have made an appearance in almost every single meal I’ve consumed this week, and snacks, like this one!

Carrot ‘n Nut Date Balls

Servings: 5 balls | Prep time: 5 min

  • 10 pitted dried dates
  • 1/2 C almonds
  • 1 med-sized carrot *
  • 1/2 Tsp. Cinnamon
  • 1 Tbs. chia seeds
  • 1 Tsp. coconut oil (optional)
* I got greedy and added a large carrot which resulted in a really gooey ball.  So watch out!


Combine all the ingredients in the food processor and let it do all the work.  When nicely ground, form into balls!

I suggest refrigerating them!  I think they taste much better cold!

Oh, and don’t forget to remove the pits!  Apparently one of them snuck by me, and I almost lost a tooth!  Totally unexpected.

Wow!  Somehow I managed to write a whole post on carrots.  Who knew? 😉

Hope you enjoy and have a happy Friday!!


What favorite snacks have you or would like to recreate?

Do you shop at Costco?  What do you purchase?

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10 Responses to Imitation Larabars

  1. Michelle says:

    These look so great! I’ve actually never had dates, but for some reason I think I would like them 🙂
    For some reason I’m just not a big Costco fan. I think it’s because I like how grocery shopping is so relaxing (at least to me it is) and I can never relax at Costco 🙂
    Have a wonderful Friday, Min! And don’t study too much! I have to do some homework today but hopefully will take tomorrow off!

    • Min says:

      Yes! you should def give it a chance just like w avocado :). It’s naturally very sweet, rich, and caramel-y! Don’t let the looks fool you! Tim thinks that they look like cockroaches…Wow, I must really love them bc despite that horrendous mental image, I still enjoy them :).
      You’re right..Costco people are CRAZY!! But I’ve learn to become one of them over time :). Can’t beat the price!
      I have lots of studying to do this weekend, but I shall try to squeeze in some fun too. Hope you have an awesome Sat, my dear!

  2. I actually don’t like Lara Bars – I think it must be that I don’t like dates. This looks like a great recipe for those who do like them though! Also, my dog will also do anything for a carrot! It’s one of his absolute favorite treats!

    • Min says:

      Hi, Caroline! Ahh..If you don’t like dates then I can see why you’re not a fan. Sounds like you Teddy and Kona will get along just fine :). Now, 2 dogs fighting over a carrot..That’d be a sight to see ;).

  3. Natalie @ Freshlifefindings says:

    These look so good and easy to make! I love Larabars and I’d like to recreate clif bars especially the carrot cake one 🙂

    • Min says:

      You know I’ve actually never had Clif bars…I should try them! You should totally do it :). Hope you have a lovely sat!! I’m actually about to go for a jog (not run) around the neighborhood and try your summer arm workout!!

  4. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    I love the idea of including carrots in balls like this! These look and sound amazing – I am definitely going to give them a go 🙂

    • Min says:

      Yes yes! The sky is the limit with these :). I’ve added sweet potato, lemon, blueberries, banana… I really like the addition of coconut oil. In my opinion, it doesn’t work for all ingredients, but it tastes amazing with the carrots! I’ve recently discovered my love for the oil and try to add it to everything :).

  5. I wish I could get more into experimenting like this in the kitchen. those look great and such a great source of healthy fats.

  6. Kailey says:

    dates stuffed with peanut butter = best snack in the world!!

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