Fun in the house

Happy Monday everyone!  Is it the last week of June?  Already?!?!

I have some marvelous happenings to share, so let’s get right into the Marvelous In My Mondays with Katie!
I think all the fun I had in Cali finally caught up to me this weekend.  On Saturday, I didn’t want to go out and smell the roses.  I didn’t want to shower, let alone wash my face.   I didn’t want to get out of my I didn’t.  And boy, I tell ya, it was MARVELOUS!  I feel rested and extremely pumped for the week!  I’m feeling quite generous..High fives everyone!

I had so much fun just lounging around the house with Tim and Kona.  Who knew staying in could be so fun?!

  • We watched the movie, What If… while munching on some popcorn.
I purchased this when I was at Lifeway the other day for $5!  The cast sure was a hodge-podge of people – Hercules, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the voice of the piggy bank from Toy Story, and Bailey from Suite Life on Deck (Yes, I watch the Disney channel).   The story line was predictable, but nonetheless it was a heart-warming movie.  Tim and I enjoyed it  =).
  • Many marvelous eats came out of the kitchen.  Just to highlight a few:
Dumpling Soup
Tim and I made a huge batch of dumplings two weekends ago, and I froze the leftovers.  Good thing I did!  The soup was delish!

Salmon Noodle Casserole
 Nutty Date Balls

These are perfect bite-sized snacks!  I just bought some medjool dates from Costco, so I shall attempt to create some of my favorite Larabar flavors throughout the week!  This one is my version of Cashew Cookie.

Be on the lookout for all the recipes!!

  • Although I had to spend several hours over the weekend to study for my test today, it was all worth it because this girl is going to rock it!  What a marvelous feeling!  Piece of cake!! Let’s do this!

Hope you guys have a Marvelous Monday!!  Go and conquer the day!!

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20 Responses to Fun in the house

  1. Happy Marvelous Monday!

    Those date balls look so delicious!

    YOU will rock that test, good luck girl!!

  2. I love Larabars! I can’t wait to see the recipes! 🙂 Good luck on your test!!!!

  3. carol says:

    Can you/would you give us a dumplings “how to” – please! Looks delicious!

  4. Ellie says:

    that salmon pasta looks marvelous!!!! And I hope you have a beautiful rest of the day~thanks for being so faithful and so encouraging!

  5. Ooh I love larabars but I know it must be so easy to make them at home! These nutty date balls look yum! My favorite is the blueberry and the coconut larabars. I laid around so much this past weekend and watched movies and ate food, I feel so energized today too! It’s nice not having plans 🙂

  6. Min says:

    Aren’t they so easy? Mine is lemon bar =).
    I’m glad you are also a bundle of energy!
    I feel great cuz I got so much accomplished today! Watch out ~ I’m on FIRE! =).

  7. Kailey says:

    Dumplings are my FAVORITE asian dish (I don’t even know if they are truly asian, but I adore them) so that soup sounds epic!

    • Min says:

      They sure are Asian! =)
      I’ll have the recipe up soon so you can make them yourself! They are really easy to make, but I do suggest that you gather some of your people =). More hands = the quicker you can enjoy them.

  8. Lauren says:

    Yummy date balls! I just bought a container of dates, so I’m looking forward to a recipe from you!

    • Min says:

      Don’t you just love them? I would just pop them in my mouth like candy..But then I’m trying to discover new ways of enjoying them =). I’m almost embarrassed to put the recipes up cuz they are just SO easy! But I shall =).

  9. Michelle says:

    I would say good luck on your test, but I’m pretty sure you already took it and totally rocked it 🙂 Those date balls look awesome! Even though I miss Craig already, I’m glad to be back home so I can catch up with my blog friend 🙂

  10. Min says:

    Hi friend!! I’m so glad to catch up with you too!!
    Allow me to give you a recap on me and TIm’s text msgs. Exact words.
    Tim: How was the test? Piece of cake?
    Me: It was a piece of chicken…a lil tough at some parts but overall bueno.
    Tim: lol!! we gotta work on your idioms.

    Yup, so you get the picture? I think I did pretty good overall =).

    • Yoonie says:

      FINALLY the dumplings I’ve been waiting for!! Nom they look delish 😍 next time you are in town make sure u drop some off at mi casa

  11. Min says:

    You make them yourself! haha

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