It’s a Marvelous Monday here in Cali!!

Happy Monday, Everyone!!

Yes, the weekend has come and gone, but let’s look on the bright side!!  We get a FRESH start to a whole new week!  So how appropriate and fun is it to join in on this link-up hosted by Katie named Marvelous In my Monday?

Let’s share our amazing recipes, ideas, inspirations, life happenings, loves, obsessions…(you get the idea) and give each other the extra little push that we all need come Monday.

1.  Marvelous company:

  • My lil brother received his diploma yesterday from UC Davis!!!  It’s weird to think that he’s going to enter the real world, get married, become a father….ah!!!  I still consider him my baby (ok, I know that sounds a lil strange and freaky, but don’t worry, I just have an unusually close relationship with my family).  We are all just so proud and grateful that he grew up to be such a fine young man!  I love you, bro =).  We can’t wait to see what God has in store for your bright future, and how he will use you to further his kingdom.

  • Did you guys have a happy Father’s Day?  I sure did!  My dad’s always traveling so I rarely get to see him =(.  You can imagine how excited I was to see him this weekend for the first time in nearly six months!  I have so much respect and love for him.  Yes, we butt heads all the time as our personalities are exactly the SAME (stubborness being our biggest downfall), but that’s inevitable, right?  I’m grateful for all the sacrifices he had to make, the pure love he gave and continues to pour out on me, his (at times questionable =)) faith and trust in me… There are so many things I have to thank him for.  But I am most grateful that he taught me about the love of Jesus Christ.  My father lives by example and shows me what it means to walk and follow daily in the Lord’s footsteps.  I love you, daddy!!
On a side note, I was so shocked to see my dad so “ballooned up” and puffy!  Looking at his tummy made me sad =(.  No matter how much I tell, remind, and even threaten him of the dangers of being an “apple shape” and the importance of nutrition, he simply won’t listen!  Grrr!  Well, I am a pretty persistent gal so I am not giving up!  I shall start by poking his larger-than-life stomach to get under his skin a lil.

2.  Marvelous surroundings
I am here in sunny California!!  Last time I was here was when I got proposed to in San Francisco.  Since there’s not much to do here in Davis, we are going to venture out and do some touristy activities today and tomorrow.  It’s going to be fun!
3.  Marvelous foods
There’s more amazing eats to come as the vacation has just begun, but here’s a glimpse of what we feasted on this weekend.
Hope you guys have an amazing Monday!!  I look forward to reading about y’alls marvelous mondays =)
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15 Responses to It’s a Marvelous Monday here in Cali!!

  1. Congrats to your brother!

    Glad you got to spend time with your dad for father’s day! Sweet pic of you with him!

    Mmmmm that sushi looks marvelous!
    Happy Monday! ❤

  2. Meghan Doll says:

    Wow! That is so amazing you got to see your Dad! And congrats to your brother! HUGE accomplishment!

  3. I’m sure it was so great to see your brother graduate! And your story about your dad is the same for me, we both have the same personality and I am always getting on to him about his health- I want him to live to see his grandkids one day! Love your post, Im glad you got to spend time with your family 🙂

    • Min says:

      If only our Pops would listen to us, no? So frustrating!!
      Anyway, today’s the last day, and all of us are going our separate ways =(. But it indeed is awesome being together! It seems like you’re having a fabulous time with yours as well!! Yay!!

  4. Lauren says:

    Why are men so hard to convince about nutrition?? I’ll have to check out Katie’s link-up! It sounds like fun! Congratulations to your bro!

  5. That’s awesome that you could be there for your brother’s graduation and celebrate Father’s Day!! Hope you have a great time with the fam 🙂

  6. Ellie says:

    can’t believe you’re in cali! But that’s still kinda far from me~and it’s so cute to see you and your dad so close like that! awwww 🙂

    • Min says:

      I know!! I asked my brother, and I was like wowza that’s far! I guess I underestimated the size of the State, I do Love my appa!!

  7. Those are marvelous food! Yum!

  8. Min says:

    Nom Nom Nom =).

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